Short talks

Session 1 on November 2nd at 6pm CET / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Psycholinguistics of word production

11 Roger HAUBER Cumulative semantic interference in social interaction - an online implementation
12 Anna K KUHLEN Language production in shared task settings: when (social) task context shifts semantic interference to facilitation
13 Jieying HE Name agreement affects processing of background information: the role of attention engagement
14 Dasha SHAVARINA Factors affecting object naming performance in people who recovered from COVID-19
15 Junko TORAIWA Semantic interference is not always blind to language: Evidence from Japanese-English bilinguals
16 Abhijeet PATRA How the Past Affects the Present: An Examination of Use-Dependent, Error-Based Learning in Lexical Access
17 Sandra WIDMER BEIERLEIN Picture Naming in Diglossic Aphasia
18 Anna-Lisa DöRING The lexical representation of compounds is not affected by age: Evidence from continuous picture naming