Short talks

Session 2 on November 10th at 6pm CET / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT

Cognitive neuroscience of word production

21 Emma WARD Investigating the functional relevance of cortical key nodes for action picture naming
22 Xiaochen ZHENG Neural oscillation of interference control in the aging brain: evidence from spoken word production
23 Hsin-Pei LIN Concurrent Semantic Priming and Lexical Interference for Close Semantic Relations in Blocked-Cyclic Picture Naming: Electrophysiological Signatures
24 Adrian C JODZIO Considerations for interpreting chronometric TMS studies investigating language production
25 Monica LANCHEROS Speech and non-speech motor encoding from childhood to adulthood
26 Stephanie RIES What makes the middle temporal gyrus so special in language production?
27 Arushi GARG fMRI evidence for shared lemma representations in speech production and comprehension
28 Ladislas NALBORCZYK Distinct neural mechanisms support different forms of inner speech, a registered report