Short talks

Session 3 on November 2nd at 6pm CET / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Written, embodied, interactive word production

31 Zhenguang CAI Lexical and syntactic influences on syntactic encoding in written language production by deaf speakers
32 Anonymous Cascadedness in Chinese spoken word production
33 Yael GOLDSTEIN-MARCUSOHN Typing to the Beat of Inner speech: The Embodied Representation of Speech Prosody in Keystroke Rhythmic Patterns
34 Solène HAMEAU Phonological neighbourhood effects in picture naming: A case for interactivity within and across languages in late bilinguals.
35 Kirsten STARK Web-based Language Production Experiments: Semantic Interference Assessment is Robust for Spoken and Typed Response Modalities
36 Soran MALAIE Concepts in the Space: The Effects of Spatial Diversity and Direction on Conceptual Retrieval
37 Victoria JOHANSSON A developmental perspective on pause location during text production