In 2021

  the International Workshop on Language Production goes online

A short online event will be held in November 2021, to continue the engagement established over the last two decades, and to prime the language production community for the (hopefully) in person meeting in Pittsburgh in 2022! This online meeting is organized around 5 keynote-style talks, a special session about on-line experimentation, short poster-talk sessions, and perhaps time for an "online-social" moment.

Scientific program

Day CET EDT PDT Speaker Affiliation Title
Nov 2nd 4pm 11am 8am Tatiana Schnur Baylor College of Medicine
Connected speech
Insights from acute stroke
5pm 12pm 9am Swathi Kiran Boston University
The many facets of language production in bilingual aphasia
6pm 1pm 10am poster video slams
CET = Central European Time; EDT = Eastern Daylight Time; PDT = Pacific Daylight Time

Day CET EST PST Speaker Affiliation Title
Nov 10th 4pm 10am 7am Meredith Tamminga University of Pennsylvania
Sociolinguistic variation as a window on language production
5pm 11am 8am Amie Fairs
Anne Vogt
Svetlana Pinet
Aix-Marseille Université
Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Running language production experiments online
6pm 12pm 9am poster video slams
CET = Central European Time; EST = Eastern Standard Time; PST = Pacific Standard Time

Day CET EST PST Speaker Affiliation Title
Nov 15th 4pm 10am 7am Eric Lambert Université de Poitiers
Do motor and rhythmic skills influence the development of written production?
5pm 11am 8am Michele Diaz The Pennsylvania State University
Age-related Similarities and Differences in Processing Phonological Information: Neural and Behavioral Evidence
6pm 12pm 9am Online social event (work in progress...)
CET = Central European Time; EST = Eastern Standard Time; PST = Pacific Standard Time

Important dates

Abstract submission starts August 1st
ends September 15th
Online workshop first day November 2nd
second day November 10th
third day November 15th
The timing will be a compromise between European and Pacific time zones, around late afternoon/evening in Europe and early morning Pacific.

Abstract submission

We invite the submission of abstracts
for very short talks
on any topic related to language production.
Please visit the submission portal
for full details.
Link to abstract submission portal

We look forward to seeing you online in November!

The scientific committee
F.-Xavier Alario
Vic Ferreira
San Diego
Marina Laganaro
Alissa Melinger
Antje Meyer
Bonnie Nozari